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How to prepare for gift-buying this season

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Fall is here; and the cold weather is yet another reminder that it’s time to start planning for the holiday shopping season! Even if you’re tight on funds, these tips from professionals in the lending industry can help you get a head start on any budget, so your holiday spending is nothing but smooth sailing and stress-free.


Make a list.

Santa Claus was on to something when he decided to make a list and check it twice. Making a list earlier in the year helps you have a better idea of not only who all you’ll be buying gifts for this year, but also which gifts to buy and how much they may cost. Making a list early can also be a good indicator of how much you’ll need to save before the holidays even begin.


Stick to your budget.

Once you have an idea of what to purchase from your list and how much it all may cost, it’s important to not blow your budget on items that aren’t on your list just because of holiday sales and mark downs — unless you’re replacing an item on your list with the new purchase. You may feel like you have shopped smart with all the great deals, but it can leave you with a financial hangover and feeling a lot of regret.


Cut out unnecessary expenses.

Write down all of your monthly expenses on a piece of paper and cross out the things that you can live without. If you eat at a restaurant two days a week, cut back by one day. If you’re paying for movie channels that you don’t watch, call the cable company for a more affordable plan. The more money you save now, the more flexibility you’ll have available later for the holidays.


Open a savings account.

It’s easier to spend money when you’re carrying it around in your pocket. Even if you have a checking account, you’re more likely to swipe your debit card for things that you don’t need. By opening a savings account, and putting in $25 every week, in two months that’ll add up to an extra $200 that can be used when it’s time to buy gifts. It might also help to set up your checking account to send funds to your savings account automatically each payday. That way you won’t forget to save and there will still be a holiday fund to use when you need it.


Planning ahead for the holiday gift-buying season can make your stress level a little lower, and your smile a lot bigger. However, in the event that there are unexpected expenses like emergencies or repairs that cut into your holiday savings, Always Money can help you get the cash you need when you’re in a financial pinch. With a cash advance, installment loan, or a payday loan, you’ll be able to cover your emergencies and still have money to spare for the holiday season.


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